COEX bouwt en onderhoudt het Exapro-web

Innovative digital products and services

COEX means Condensed Experience which perfectly suits for a company with 15 years experience and still counting how they grow and getting older. During that time COEX successfully finished hundreds of projects and for lots of companies including us became a great partner with whom it was always a pleasure and honour to work together. COEX team is based in Prague. They consists of approximately 20 software developers, analysts, designers and tech geeks who are passionate about challenges and top-notch technology. The evidence of their great work are many achievements and recognitions they received including apps such as TaxiClub, WheelChair and Their project VozejkMap won golden award at the Czech Donors Forum & silver in Open Data contest. Well, we can confirm the motto of the company says it all: “We don’t always deliver what the client originally wanted, but we always deliver what their business actually needs.”

COEX chosen to be an architect of later success

One of the hundreds of finished projects which were mentioned before is the one we use right in this moment. Our cooperation started in 2010 when Thomas Bordier, general manager of Exapro, searched for a software house that would fit the best for our online trading portal and internal information system. Of many considered options, the COEX team was very clearly the best one. “Right from the beginning COEX put a huge effort in trying to understand our requirements, demands, desires and overall everything about our business, which constantly led into building a common vision on the whole project. They were able to come up with many improvements for our system that helped us work on higher level,” said Thomas Bordier.

Cooperation and hard work behind the final product

We began with the brainstorming, which resulted in determining the product development - which would require 2 months of analysis, design and architecture and 10 months of development. During that time COEX were given a tough list of tasks. Multilingual and multiple currencies architecture, management of leads and commissions, custom CRM, evaluating tools, auto translations, personalised newsletters etc. The heavy-weight nut to crack was to incorporate a multiple-unit measurement system architecture, while paying extra attention to usability and efficiency of back office user interface (+20 people use the back office on daily basis - each click counts).

Bringing the collaboration to the whole new dimension

Our cooperation with COEX is still ongoing. Why? It is because of COEX is available for us 24/7 in case there are any problems. Additionally, COEX became shareholder in our company, so that we team up on both sides, and so that we benefit from their knowledge and passion - which leads to value add to our business results. Since we started our cooperation, both companies have grown together in a magnificent COEXistence of A two high PROfessional subjects.

Coveted accomplishment

It has all taken thousands of development and consulting hours. However, in the end there were amazing results: +150% visits on the portal, +40% back office efficiency, +8M € sales increase per year. Satisfaction on both sides achieved! “COEX did excellent work, the system is our central brain and it has improved our effectivity significantly,” said Bordier.

Visit COEX website.



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